Welcome to County West Soccer Association

Hawkins Parking and Field Information

CWSA field satellite photo
As our first game approaches at our new venue, Hawkins Park, the CWSA board would like our spectators to keep a few important things in mind…

  • Please enter and exit the parking lot with care and caution. In order to maximize the number of cars that can fit in the lot, please park facing east/west, as shown at right. The parking lot is narrow, so please take your time and be aware of other vehicles and people when backing into or out of your space.
  • We will be placing orange cones in the last spaces of the lot, near the shed, and also near the entrance, to keep that area wide enough to accommodate vehicles coming and going.
  • Parking in the nearby subdivision just east of the field is an option, but please do not cut through private property to get to the field.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Have a great season!