Welcome to County West Soccer Association

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, August 26
    Monical’s Pizza Community Day
  • NO YELLING, NO CHEERING. SHHHH! It’s Silent Saturday, August 31
     “Silent Saturday” is ONE DAY out of the season in which parents, coaches, and spectators are not allowed to talk during the game.  We know it’s hard not to cheer so please join us in making Silent Saturday a success this year! NO ONE except the referees and the players are allowed to talk during the game. The coaches may talk to their players during substitution breaks, halftime, and before the game. Coaches may also give tactical instruction to substitute players to relay and communicate to other players on the field.

    • Clapping is allowed.
    • Absolutely no horns, whistles, or noise makers.
      To give players a chance to trust their skills and instinct without side line input. To allow players to communicate with their team and to HAVE FUN.
  • Monday, September 2
    Labor Day Parade in Herscher. Details to follow.
  •  Saturday, September 14
    Spirit Wear will be ready to pick up at the shed.
  • Saturday, September 28
    Trophy Day
  • Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6
    In-house tournament. Games Saturday will begin early in the morning with multiple being played in each division. Sunday championship games will begin around 2pm. Brackets will be figured after the last regular season game and given to the coaches ASAP. 1st and 2nd place teams will be acknowledged.
    U6 division will not participate in the In-House Tournament